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i need to let off some steam about a particular girl who rides the bus with me. ultimately, i've never spoken to her. even though i disagree with judging someone so harshly before you've gotten to know them, i'm quite afraid this will have to be one of many exceptions on a growing list of Indirect Enemies.

her name is ashley, she sprang up from the swamp one day and latched like a siamese twin onto MTV like so many poseurs out there. the only reason that she's allowed to like preppy-whore music is because preppy-whore music isn't trying to be anything it isn't, and i respect that and little else about it. she liked the preppy-whore music, wore hip huggers and normal t-shirts and fit in. ONE DAY, without warning, she got on the bus made-up like a raccoon, wearing black nail polish, $75 nylon pants with the overwhelmingly gay little plastic tubes and chains hanging from them, and some god-awful good charlotte getup. every day, she has progressively gotten more "punked out" and i intend to fix her one day. i intend to knock some sense into her via my forceful voice and perhaps a couple kicks from a doc marten. i'd like to ask her what she thinks of herself. how would she describe herself, in one word? "punk," she'll say. PUNK MOTHERFUCKING ROCKER. give me a break.
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