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God damn this is so right...I is = Sick of teh posuers~! I am not calling myself punk...t(o.Ot) big fuck you out to tehm idiots. Its a state of mind ( i dont care if im not making sense ) and if you listen to those damn "punk" bands (i consider them pop, like green day) that does not mean your punk. If you shop at hot topic you are not punk. If you think you are punk, you most likely are not. If you wear shirts saying you are punk/gothic, you are most defenaitly not and i will kick your ass.
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I is new...to communities, live journal, and teh whole she-bang...I wont post much more, fuck you if I offended you.
I think that more people might actually take you seriously or understand your point/what you're saying if you learn how to type/spell.

Just a suggestion of course.
Yes...I believe so. I can spell and type fine, but I dont choose to. I have gotten used to using (I think thats how you spell it) these...I like my spelling and it dosent seem to bother anyone but you
It doesn't bother me, I was just (as previously stated) making a suggestion. If you don't that's fine, I was just trying to help you out, but if you're fine with typing like that, then do your thing.