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Here goes...

Well, since this is an open community, I've got something to say.

I think people should just leave other people and their decisions alone. I don't think everyone here would like it if other people started criticizing their actions. Why don't you just let the "posers" so whatever the hell they want, it's none of your business anyways.

Talking about "posers" behind their back, and making fun of them because of certain things they do EASILY makes you worse than they are. Because then, you just become a snob, who thinks that other people are beneath you. And that's not right.

You're no better than the next person, whether or not you think they're a "poser" or whatever. WHy don't you just let them do their thing and you do yours.

And one last thing. All you're doing is judging people before you get to know them. That's just stupid, and I bet you'd HATE it if people did that to you.

ALright I'm done, and I know I'm going to have to take a lotta crap for this, so bring it on. Comment.
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1) I wouldn't care if anybody criticized my actions, it's my life, don't bother me.
2) So what if someone is talking behind my back, I guess they don't have enough of a life to do anything else.
3) However, I agree with you to some point that this community as a whole has sunken down to the level that we are ALMOST as bad as being poser.
4) Well, it's pretty obvious that someone is poser if their SN is, for example, sk8erpunker or punkrebel. If someone judged me before they got to know me, it's their problem. If they don't want to get to know me, then fine, their loss.
Yea, at least you get it. Lol. I thought I'd get a lotta people just being closed minded telling me to shut up. Heh.

On your second point, it kinda supports what I'm saying (not about you) but about a lotta people in this community. They're just talking about these people they know, or know of, behind their backs. And like you said "I guess they don't have enough of a life to do anything else." That was basically my point, and you nailed it, lol.
Also (this has nothing to do with the people on this board, just a personal experience), I've had lots of people (especially this one stuck up bitch I know) tell me all this shit about what I DO. I had long hair, and I got sick of it, so I felt like shaving it into a mohawk. As soon as I did this, she and many others kept saying stupid things like, "Stop trying to be punk," or "You're not punk." Stuff like that. Once she even said, "Cut that off, you're so not punk."

First off, to me (MY OPINION, might not be yours, that's ok) you can't BE punk. It's not something like that. I'm not PUNK. I know this. Punk is a genre. Punk can be, in a way, a lifestyle. Maybe years ago, punk was something you could be. I don't know, I wasn't even alive then. But to me, that's how it is nowadays.

Second, who the fuck is she, telling me what to do with MY hair?

Third, who died and made her queen of all things punk? Haha, yea, I beg your permission, O Queen, to knight me, a punk. Pretty please? Hahaha.

Fourth (yes, I'm gonna keep going), I'm not TRYING to be ANYTHING. I'm doing what I want to, when I want to, and I don't give a fuck whether you like it or not.

Alright, I'm going to quit bitching about this now, hah.
Yeah, I agree. I highly doubt you'll be seeing this's been about a month since you posted this in the first place.

Yes, you can't be punk. Also, people are stereotyping punks based on people such as Avril and the members of Good Charlotte. Others are saying that mohawks, Converses, piercings, tattoos, etc are "punk." I hate that. Also, my screen name is urnotpunkurposer and I used to go into random community chats and IMing everybody that had punk in their SN and they would start arguing with me how they are punk, while I'm just mentioning that most true punks wouldn't put punk in their screen name. (Wow that was a terrible run-on sentence).
Haha, I totally get what your talking about.

I get my comments e-mailed to me. Lol, I rarely miss any. But my mailbox gets filled up by like 100 every month. And I usually check it monthly, so I have to sort through about 100 each time.
"Poser" is correctly spelled p-o-s-e-u-r.

Sorry, I'm just a nitpicker about grammar/spelling. :)
Haha, yea, in today's world it's just poser. No one follows a lot of grammar rules anymore. They should teach better grammar in high school, rather than all this Shakespeare crap I have to read (no offense to Bill there, but the grammar should be more important).
I don't make fun of poseurs behind their backs. I do it to their faces.
haha first i like your username...and second im ont gonna give you shit..i totally agree...if it makes them happy to think they are punk let them think whatever way they want!
to me punk doesnt have to have a style or listen to certain music. being punk is just doin what you want to do. if you feel like shaving of all your hair then do it but if you see other people doing that and just copy them to look cool that is an entirely different thing. i say if you like something then do it. lots of people ask me why i dress the way i do and i just say why the fuck not? so in conclusion i just have to say that punk kinda comes in two levels: softcore and hardcore. its up to you to pick which one
Yea, it doesn't matter WHAT you do. As long as you do it for YOURSELF, and NO ONE ELSE. If you're a little rich kid, and you want a mohawk and plaid pants, GO FOR IT! Who gives a flying fuck. As long as you do it because YOU WANT TO, not because, everyone else thinks it's cool.